AC Milan – SS Lazio player ratings

I’ll try to do the rating for our players this season. First off Milan-Lazio.

Abbiati 6 –  nothing significant to point out.

Antonini 6.5 – worked a lot in defense and offence. Showed a lot of grit.

Thiago Silva 6 .5 –  showed his aerial skills at the start and one-on-one skills at the end.

Nesta 5 – major offday. Bad marking during both goals, took out Gattuso and some dangerous passes. Only managed to handle Cisse at the halfway line with a foul. The open goal clearance was as impressive as ever but today I’ll write that one on luck.

Abate 6.5 – good stuff on both ends.

Ambrosini 5.5 – got himself in some nice positions when teammates didn’t notice him. Meanwhile a little lack of agression and marking in the defensive phase. As a captain should have sorted out the midfield situation in defense problems.

Van Bommel 6 – showed himself to Cisse and locked up Klose. Smart and dangerous play mixed like always.

Aquilani 6.5 – great work getting himself one-on-one with Bizzarri, great pass to Cassano during the first goal and nice corner during the second. Bit lacking in defence.

Prince Boateng 5.5 – bad decisions mixed with bad attitude. Hard player to rate as his unorthodox style sometimes works in our favour and other times it doesn’t. To me it seemed he was a surplus in our scheme.

Ibrahimovic 7 – another empty net goal for him and great assists to Aquilani + Boateng to create chances. Unfortunately finishing was lacking from teammates as well as him. Pretty much maximum you can ask from a guy playing 90 minutes the third time this week.

Cassano 7.5 MOTM – how about a header from the corner? Assist to open goal. Goalpost and other near misses. All over the game. Could whine a little less but they don’t make cassanos who don’t whine so we should forgive him.

Milan 6 – lacking as a defensive unit, but that is expected in the first game of the season. Finishing should be better as well. Overall mediocre display whee pros and cons even out each other.

Allegri 6 – understandable line-up as well as subtitutions. Players could have brought him victory but didn’t.

Gattuso – Pato – Nocerino n/a. Would have expected more from Pato.

(n/a=not applicable; MOTM=man of the match)

Give me your ratings and criticism in the comments.


Author: Jasper

Maldini generation milanfan.

4 thoughts on “AC Milan – SS Lazio player ratings”

  1. About time somebody did this.

    I agree with all except Silva and Ibra. Think they should be lower. Silva was partly at fault for the 1st goal and was anonymous all round. Nesta was horrid but at least he was marking Klose, Silva looked like he didn’t know what to do.

    As for Ibra, a 7 really? His goal was a simple tap in. Apart from that, was okay with link up in the 1st half but in the 2nd totally ran out of gas and had poor decision making. Started getting frustrated as well.

    I might have also given Boateng a 5. Absolutely useless.

  2. Watching the first goal again I must agree I put too much blame on Nesta while Thiago’s bigger wrongdoing escaped me. But when we were under pressure he was only one who won crucial headers to stop Lazio’s momentum.

    So what if Ibra’s goal was a tap-in? He was closely guarded and managed to slip out. Also he made crucial passes to Boateng and Cassano which could have easily ended up in the goal in the second half. All that with his 3-rd match in the week. What more can you ask … 40 yard winner on the dying minutes? He only came short in fatigue. Other than that job well done.

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