Bit Chiellini

He ran to referees to complain like a b****, but they told him to go f*** himself.

Then he cried to Mexes like a b****, but he told him to STFU.

Then he cried to Bonera like a b****, but he told him to STFU.

Rumours say even Tassotti had to have a word with this soft-a** snitchb****.

Then he went on to the media to cry like a b**** and it is safe to think he also went to a psychiatrist, who told him to STFU. Now Giorgio is probably at his mom’s place complaining like a b****, but not even the greatest mother-love can stand this sort of b****ing from a grown man and he might be disowned from his family. Only Juventus is retarded enough to act like he’s an OK dude.

Maldini would tell with elegance:

Zlatan is more straight-up:

Shoutout to snitchb**** II – Morgan De Sanctis.
“Referee, referee. Did you see? Did you see? I was such a great hall-monitor North-Korea invited me to be their honorary citizen.”

Move 67 from the Snitchbook: fall-on-your-knees-for-the-injustice-of-the-world.

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Author: Jasper

Maldini generation milanfan.

10 thoughts on “Bit Chiellini”

  1. Why the hell do you hate Chiellini so much?
    He is fair player, not a dickhead like Ibrhaimovic or Mexes, he is gutsy on the pitch but never injuried anyone and the pic where it seems he punches a player is a fake. Cry me a river you deserve players like Pepe of Real Madrid who kills the opponents not a skilled and fair player like Chiellini.

  2. Nah, he’s a bitch. Doubt I can change your mind even if you love Milan. So I’ll just leave it at that.

  3. I think all the comments from the author of this website could be toned down a bit, don’t you think? The use of the language today has really fallen were “bitch,” and “mf” is used for everything. Really, let’s improve our vocabulary.

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